The Seventh-day Adventist Church organization began in Battle Creek, Michigan and has grown into a worldwide movement. Currently the Church’s headquarters is in Silver Spring, Maryland, meaning that the world Church has close ties with the United State of America. As the Church in the Dutch Caribbean, we were deeply saddened by the news of the death of an African American citizen in custody of a police officer in Minneapolis. Besides, we are profoundly disturbed to note that this is not an isolated case. We have observed that, as a result, some have chosen for peaceful protests, while others express their rage with arson, looting and violence across the USA. Evidently, as a Church, we condemn every act of violence and burgling.

As Bible believing Christians, we believe that we are all created equal in dignity and rights. For that reason, while we condemn every act of violence, we can understand the anger and frustration of the African American community in the United States of America. As far as we are concerned, every citizen deserves to be fully equal and be equally respected by the society in which they live. Therefore, we have chosen to stand in solidarity with the African American Community in the United States of America.

We pray for God’s guidance, peace, healing and wholeness in this uncertain world of ours.

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